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Our kiteboard collection is divided into 2 categories:


This type of board is symmetrical which eliminates the need to change feet when jibing. The jibe is done with only a small impulsion, and is an action very similar to one used in snowboarding. The MAX twintip rockerline has been specially designed to enable sailing up wind with ease.

The shaper's team proposes 2 different twintip kitesurfing boards depending on the rider's level.

twin tip Radical

New frabrication coming from snowboarding technologies, makes the board strong and light.

Free Feel
   Length:  from 1,30m to 1,50m
   Width:  from 37cm to 41cm
   Weight:  from 1,6 kg to 2,5 kg
   Construction:  snowboard
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Free style
   Length:  from 1,20m to 1,30m
   Width:  from 36cm to 38cm
   Weight:  from 1,5 kg to 2,4 kg
   Construction:  snowboard
   Nota:   special grab !!!!
   aluminum fiber. With this board
   you can make the best tricks
   without handle
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   Length:  from 1,30m to 1,45m
   Width:  from 37cm to 40cm
   Weight:  from 1,6 kg to 2,2 kg
   Construction:  Fins 5/7
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Twin Tip Freeride
This board allows you to control your kite when over-powered, providing the same feeling as a wakeboard, but with a larger usage range because of the extra volume (round deck).

It gives weightlessness feeling during the most foolish jumps. You can do tricks you never imagined!

The team has developed a new technology for a really small and light board for the radical rider. This board allows the highest control in strong winds. On request.

   Length:  from 1,10m to 1,60m
   Width:  from 33cm to 40cm
   Weight:  from 2 kg to 3 kg
   Construction:  Full sandwich
   epoxy - PVC - honey comb
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Evolutive Twin Tip / Freeride.
This board is aimed at learning and sailing with a small kite. The symmetry and width of the board give it great stability. It enables quick progression and it eliminates the need to jibe therefore providing quick turns, easier navigation and a lot of fun.

   Length:  from 1,65m to 1,80m
   Width:  from 41cm to 44cm
   Weight:  from 2,8 kg to 3,5 kg
   Construction:  Sandwich epoxy
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The shaper's team propose you 2 categories of directional boards depending on the riders' level.

Convertible Mutant Directional
This type of board has less volume and can be used when over powered, and is recommended for advanced riders. Moreover, this type of board lets you discover the highest of jumps and excels at going up wind. This board is not completely symmetrical and can be used as a bi-directional board.

Convertible Mutant Directional 
   Length:  from 1,40m to 1,70m
   Width:  from 35cm to 42cm
   Weight:  from 3 kg to 4 kg
   Construction:  Sandwich epoxy
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Evolving Directional
This type of board has been designed for beginners or basic riders. It's main qualities are:

  • stability
  • easy water start
  • speed sensations

They benefit from sufficient volume to keep planning with low winds and also allow the first jumps. Cruising with a small kite, and therefore more security, is also possible with this board.

Evolving Directional
   Length:  from 1,70m to 2m
   Width:  from 42cm to 48cm
   Weight:  from 3,5 kg to 4,5 kg
   Construction:  Epoxy fibre with
   6 stringers fibre.
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   standar (G10 fins, foostrap, double density pad) 420 €
   option grab + channel + fiber + 100 €
   option grab + channel + aluminnum fiber+ 200 €
   Tarifa FinCo fins+ 40 €

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